Getting a better night's sleep with integrated shutter and darkening blinds Posted on 28 Mar 13:39 , 0 comments

The clocks moved forward last Sunday, meaning that finally the days are getting longer and spring is here. If you’ve got little ones though, their bed time routine may have just become more challenging as you now need to manage tired toddlers and a room flooding with light at the end of the day. At The Shutter Shop, we have the perfect solution that could help you all get a better night's sleep!

One of our most popular shutter styles for children’s rooms is the integrated combination of honeycomb blinds and plantation shutters that ensure maximum black out and minimal noise to the room at any time of the day.

Even with such a wide variety on the marketplace, many so-called blackout blinds still allow small levels of light into any bedroom. For young children, who need to nap in the day, as well as night or shift workers who need to rest at various times, having even a fraction of light can be a real issue.

And don’t just take our word for it, some of most renowned sleep specialists rate a darkened room as one of the most crucial factors in ensuring children get the best night’s sleep. And when this happens, you all get some much earned shut eye!

The innovative integrated shutters and darkening blinds

Our manufacturers have developed an integrated combination of stylish plantation shutters and PURE Cell Honeycomb Blinds. Unlike blackout blinds or curtains, the room darkening blind sits snugly in its own channel behind the shutters, stopping almost all light from seeping in. The shutter’s frame overlaps the blind, allowing children to sleep soundly, whether day or night.

Integrated shutter and darkening blinds can also reduce the amount of noise that filters into a room and by limiting light entering our blinds, it also restricts visibility of the room to anyone on the outside where privacy is required.

The pocketed, honeycomb design of our blinds makes them perfect for trapping air and help add thermal insulation. This feature is in addition to the foil lining which blocks out the sun or streetlights.

For more information about our integrated shutter and darkening blinds, contact us or send a survey request so we can visit your property to measure and fit your new shutters.