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Window shutters can be made in many different styles and materials, but we have carefully sourced the best shutter products around for our customers. With a choice of shutter materials catering for any budget and preference, including MDF, plastic and Hardwood. Have a look at our list of interior shutter products to find out more.

We have a selection of 6 louvred Plantation Shutters and 2 solid shutter panel ranges, which are all made bespoke for your window in full height, tier-on-tier or cafe style (half height).

We are also experts at supplying bay window shutters, shaped shutters for unique windows as well as tracking system shutters to add style and functionality to larger windows and doors.


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Bay window shutters can show off your architectural features, rather than hide them, and benefit from the many unique qualities, including outstanding light and privacy control that only bay window shutters can offer. Tier-on-tier and cafe styles are common options, which complement the features of a bay window, provide great control of light and privacy, and allow for more space compared to curtains.While they can be more technical than a standard window – we suggest you contact us or book a survey for the best solution to your bay window.

classic MDF shutters in cafe style
Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters cover the lower portion of the window, an ideal and very attractive solution for windows on the ground floor overlooking a street or pavement or for first floor bedrooms and bathrooms requiring both ample privacy and plenty of light. Cafe style shutters are available in all of our shutter material ranges from entry level MDF shutters (Antigua) to the top end Hardwood Shutters (Fiji).

white full height shutters in a living room

Full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after style due to their simple yet functional and aesthetically appealing look. Full height shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. One control mechanism is fitted to each panel, or should you wish to utilise the privacy bar (mid-rail) then the panels are split into separate operable sections.

shutters for arched windows and special shapes

Our made-to-measure shutters are the perfect and sometimes only solution to dress an irregular or special window shape. We offer shutters for all shaped windows, including arched, porthole, triangle, curved, half circle, octagon, oval, angled, eyebrow, elongated, sunburst and trapezoid. Shutters also offer a bespoke solution for windows located in gable ends, roofs, attics, skylights and eaves.


Tier-on-Tier Shutters is a hugely popular style of shutters, where the whole window is covered, but with separate top and bottom panels that work independently of one another. Tier on Tier are a highly versatile shutter style, allowing for maximum flexibility in regards to lighting and privacy requirements.


For wider windows or doors, particularly patio doors, Tracking System Shutters are usually the best solution. Named as such because the shutter panels are suspended from an aluminium track built into the top frame unlike traditional shutters hinged from the outer frames. We offer 2 types of tracking systems – Bi-Folding and Bi-Passing. Contact us to find out how this might be the best shutter option for doors or windows


Have a look at our list of interior shutter ranges to find out more. All our ranges are available in any style.

large window with the antigua range of shutters

Our “Craftwood” Antigua shutters are our most popular and cost-effective range of shutter. Made from MDF and covered in an extruded polypropylene coating to provide a high quality finish and excellent value for money. This range is extremely durable and therefore ideal for most settings. While there are fewer colour options available the most popular core colours are!

modern kitchen with large copper lamp and white abs shutters on the window behind the sink

Much like Antigua, Bermuda Shutters are very durable, hardwearing but also lighter in weight, thanks to the combination of MDF and an ABS plastic louvre. This makes them more suitable for larger windows and allow us to make wider panels. The plastic louvre increases the water resistance of shutters and there are also more colour options in Bermuda including the option to custom colour.

shutter materials: hardwood shutters mounted on both windows of a large bedroom. the half open louvres letting the light through the shutters

Cuba is our entry-level hardwood shutter. The panels are manufactured from a mix of sustainable hardwood, while the frame has a hardwood core and MDF outer. The 100% hardwood panels are not only a lighter weight option but are spray painted (not wrapped) resulting in a beautiful finish. Arguably our favourite product in the range, it is a high-quality shutter at an affordable price.


Our Fiji Hardwood Shutters are the top of the range. Both the Panels and Frames are made from 100% Hardwood allowing endless options for bespoke design, as well as shaped shutters. The shutters can either be offered as a painted or stained finish. Depending on the finish this range can be manufactured from Paulownia which is light, warp resistant and has a beautiful wood grain on a stain or other hardwoods such as white teak or Abachi. We absolutely love installing these shutters as the end result is a thing of beauty.

detail of a bathroom window with waterproof shutter material

Our waterproof shutter range – aka Java - is not only 100% waterproof but durable and long lasting. Often used where water or moisture is an issue for other window dressings, Java shutters are available in 12 popular paint colours. The Shutter is made from a high quality ABS plastic and uses stainless steel hinges helping protect the shutters from moisture and give a high quality finish.

detail of a white aluminium shutter with safety lock

Aluminium Shutters are the perfect solution when security is important. The Portchester range of aluminium shutters combines safety and style. Discover the advantages of installing aluminium shutters in your home or book a free survey today.

solid panel shutters in a country kitchen

Available in either Solid Raised or Solid Shaker, our solid panel shutters are made using a premium hardwood. A more traditional, classic & simple look, often found in period properties, the solid panels can only by operated by opening or closing the whole panel itself.  Available in 30 paint colours and 18 stain colours, as well as custom paint option.


To help you choose the right window shutters for your home, watch the video below, which illustrate our full range of shutter styles available


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