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Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds  - also called cellular blinds - are characterised by their unique smart cellular pleated design. The cells provide an insulation barrier that reduces the exchange of heat in summer and maintains warmth in the winter. The double-walled honeycomb structure makes the fabric extremely strong, durable and flexible

animation showing the honeycomb blinds opening and closinghand opening a honeycomb blind

Honeycomb blinds are a versatile and exclusive product for all window types. Do not hesitate do contact us to arrange a free survey. Our expert advisers will provide you with all the necessary information on this product range and more

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Benefits of the unique honeycomb structure

  • Excellent sound absorption properties to reduce street noise and dampen sounds in rooms with hard flooring
  • Designs with various mounting and operation options with the  flexibility to suit a wide range of installations and situations
  • Suitable for large and small windows featuring easy light weight operation and slim stack heights when fully raised
  • Available in over 200 fabric colours in a wide range of textures and materials to suit all decors, rooms and shading requirements
  • Cordless and motorised models for additional peace of mind for households with younger family members
  • Greater insulation during the winter months resulting in lower energy bills
  • Delivery in just four weeks

Integrated honeycomb darkening blinds with shutters

double bedroom slightly lit with honeycomb blinds on the only window

The combination of Honeycomb corded blinds and plantation shutters ensures maximum black out and minimal noise for any room at any time of the day. This feature makes it ideal for bedrooms, especially nurseries, as it offers the versatility to manage light control during the day and night, without compromising on the interior finish of the room and all with child safety mechanism. The corded honeycomb blinds can also be ordered as a stand-alone window cover solution.

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Motorised cordless honeycomb blinds

modern lounge with large windows and half opened honeycomb blinds showing a view on the sea and the harbour below

Transform the lighting of any room at a touch of a button by motorising your honeycomb blinds. Your blinds can be easily operated with a battery-powered remote control for individual or multiple blinds within the same room. Choose from a wide range of model options offering you the perfect window covering solution to suit your lifestyle.

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smart fit dark honeycomb blind in a bathroom

A wonderfully versatile options, this model operates by lowering the blind from the top to let in the natural light, while maintaining privacy, raising the bottom like a traditional blind or both depending on your requirements. The cordless blind fits directly within the window surrounds providing excellent insulation and sound absorption whilst maximizing privacy and limiting day light. The blind can also be made with or without a SmartFit L frame.

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Vertical Honeycomb Blinds - Day & Night

animation shows a large window with the vertical blinds opening horizontally

Specifically designed for extra large windows and sliding or bi-fold opening doors, this dual blind is designed with a sheer fabric on one side and a room darkening fabric on the other side to effortlessly transform the lighting depending on the time of day. The blind stacks neatly away when fully open so that you can enjoy the view and let the daylight into your home.

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