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Living Room Shutters

Let our interior shutters create an ambient mood in your living or entertainment space. Living room shutter styles are available in different colours and provide the flexibility manage the lighting in the room throughout the day.

lights entering through half open louvres of bay window shutters full height shutters in a living room behind a old style sofa

Bay window shutters blend into the window design, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay, keeping the area clean and crisp whilst maintaining the special aesthetics.

Whether you opt for Full height or Tier on Tier shutters we can dress your windows in a vast range of colours and wood stains providing privacy and creating an elegant backdrop to any living room style.

fully illuminated living room with full height shutters and fully opened louvresliving room with two armchairs, cream open curtains and full height shutters covering the windows

Full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after style due to their aesthetic appeal, simplicity and wide range of window styles they suit.

Additionally, they can be very helpful for those who suffer from dust allergies as they do not retain dust and dirt in the same way that you would expect curtains to.

luxury bay window shutters in victorian style living roomlarge living room shutters sliding open behind an l shaped modern sofa

Our range of interior shutters offers complete flexibility of lighting during lighter days but also provides additional insulation during the colder months.

Sliding shutters are an ideal solution for large windows and expanses including Bi-Fold windows and doors, wardrobes, swimming pools, room dividers.

dark coloured shutters in a modern living roomwhite living room, white corner sofa and white tier on tier living room shutters half open

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