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Bay window shutters

Bay window shutters blend into the window design, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay. Shutters help keeping the area clean and crisp whilst maintaining the special aesthetics.

bay window shutters in a period home shutters on a bay window

Window shutters are also more efficient from a thermal point of view. Bay windows, by their nature, have a larger run of windowpanes, potentially letting more heat out of the room. This is the beauty of Victorian homes, but also one of their limitations. Plantation shutters create an additional barrier against heat loss and provide a more efficient level of insulation of your room.

Also, shutters provide a cooler living area during the summer months. In fact, they block out the direct sun whilst allowing airflow through their louvres. 

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You can request a free survey at your home. If you do not live in London or in the areas we serve with our Measure & Fit service, you can always book a video survey.

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Get inspired with our shutter gallery: plantation shutters are easy to install and can match the decor of any room. Use the filters to select the shutter styles, the rooms and the colours.

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Our shutters are made to measure and they can fit any type of window or shape. Having a professional surveyor to measure your windows is an important factor when choosing where to buy your shutters from. With over 30 years experience in the field, the Shutter Shop is the perfect partner for you! 

white shutters in a bay window shutters for bay windows

Plantation shutters blend into the window design, much better than traditional fittings like curtains.

All our shutters are installed in matching frames that are specifically designed to suit the unique angles of each bay installation.

In case of bay window shutters, a good installation is as important as the shutter quality. This is why we do not offer bay window shutters on a DIY basis. Plantation shutters for bay windows are only available via our expert measure and fitting service.

If you are looking at installing shutters for bay windows contact us to arrange a survey visit.

Available Ranges for Bay Window Shutters

Bay window shutters are available in all our product ranges and in different materials and styles. You can browse our range of shutters or you can contact us for booking a free appointment. Shutters for bay windows are not available for online orders, because they need professional measurements and installations from qualified installers. You can rely on our measure & fit service for a perfect job

History of Bay Windows

If your home is equipped with bay windows, you have a piece of British architectural history! Their use goes back to the early English Renaissance period and was often associated to the great country manor houses. In today’s world we certainly cannot afford the grandeur of those times, but the purpose of bay windows remains the same: to allow more light into the room.

The main drawback is that a larger window surface often means more insulating problems. Bay windows shutters are not only aesthetically very pleasing, but they also contribute to a much higher degree of insulation.

Although bay windows are often recognised as a typically British design. However, in modern architecture they were extensively used by the so called Chicago School. One of its most prominent exponents, William Le Baron Jenny, is also known as the father of the American skyscraper. One if his main concerns was the quantity of lights that could enter a building. At that time glass and steel were not the norm in skyscraper construction and bay windows seemed the best solution to allow more light into the rooms.

Example of the use of bay windows on the Manhattan building in Chicago

The Manhattan Building in Chicago is one of the most prominent examples of the use of bay windows in a tall building.


In the picture above you have a good example of the use of bay windows in a tall building. As you can see, the extensive use of bay windows enables a greater exposure to the light.

But too much light can also be a problem. South facing bay windows, for example, can hardly keep the heat out in summer. In winter, bay windows present the opposite problem: too much heat dispersion. Bay window shutters can be a perfect solution to both! Wooden shutters in particular can add a greater level of thermal insulation.

Our shutters are the perfect complement to a bay window, and our expert team of surveyors and fitters will find the best solution for your window too. So book a free survey today and let us suggest you the best shutters for bay windows.

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FAQs on Bay Windows

  • Can you put shutters in bay windows?

    Yes! Shutters can fit into the bays and follow the bay shape, resulting in a more effective solution than with rails and curtains


  • How do you measure for bay window shutters?

    Measuring for bay window shutters is more complicated than measuring for a standard square window. We strongly suggest you to let one of our surveyors take the measurement for you. A correct measuring of the bay window is as important as a good installation


  • How much do plantation shutters for bay window cost?

    The cost of bay window shutters depends on the window surface and the chosen shutter material. Our shutter prices start from £159/sqm. For a more precise quote you can call us with your own measurements, or request a free no obligation survey. You can also use our online calculator, although this give the cost of a DIY solution, and does not include delivery costs and installation



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