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What is the difference between the shutters ranges?

Antigua – A Cost effective MDF range which is available in 5 paint colours. It comes with a beaded stile and is ideal for small to medium size windows with up to 2 panels folding on one another. Click here to see more detail.

Bermuda - A combination of MDF panels and plastic louvres which is available in a range of 28 paint colours. It comes with a beaded stile and as it is lighter weight is very good for wider windows but a maximum of 2 panels bi-folding. Click here to see more detail.

Cuba – A combination of a sturdy MDF frame with hardwood panels, it is available in 5 colours and has a plain style. Unlike Antigua and Bermuda, Cuba can have up to 4 panels hinged together so works well for rooms where all panels need to fold in one direction. Click here to see more detail.

Fiji - Is made from Paulownia hardwood and provides a premium finish. As the hardwood has a lovely grained texture it can come in a range of colours and, unlike Antigua, Bermuda and Cuba stains and custom colours. Fiji has a plain style and can be cut into any shape for awkward windows. Click here to see more detail.

Java – Is our waterproof range – it is in essence a high quality plastic shutter, ideal for bathrooms and areas where the shutter is likely to be subject to water or high moisture levels. Click here to see more detail.

Solid Panel – Solid panel window shutters offer a beautiful, more traditional shutter look. Visit our shutter photo gallery to get inspiration or click here to see more detail on Solid Panel Shutters.

What are the different shutter styles?

We can provide shutters in a range of styles to suit your preference and use. While full height shutters are great for bedrooms you might want something that lets in a little more light in the living room!

Bay Window – If you have a Bay window in your property there are a few options in shutter styles to choose from. Bay window shutters blend into the bay window design, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay, keeping the area clean and crisp whilst maintaining the special aesthetics. Click here to see more detail.

Tracking SystemSliding Shutters are suited for larger windows and spaces offering a wonderful practical way to screen areas such as sliding doors, glass walls and internal glass screens in offices. Track shutters are available in the full height style shutters. Click here to see more detail.

Café – Covering just the lower portion of your windows, maximise the light while still controlling privacy. Click here to see more detail.

Tier on Tier – Covering the whole window, but the top and bottom can open independently, offering a versatile shutter combination. Click here to see more detail.

Full Height - These traditional shutters cover the entire window and open as one unit, creating a feeling of space. Clean and simple. Click here to see more detail.

Full Height + Split Louvres – Allow the top and bottom half (or specify any height) louvres to operate independently. Click here to see more detail.

Full Height + Midrail – Over a certain height shutters need up to two midrails for support. They also offer a divide in the shutter, allowing the top and bottom louvres to operate independently. Click here to see more detail.

Shaped Windows – Whatever shape or size the window there is a shutter for every space. Contact the team here at Shutter Shop to discuss your needs. Click here to see more detail.

What is a louvre?

A louvre is the slat feature of the shutter anatomy which tilts to allow light in or block it. Louvres come in 6 width sizes: 32mm, 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm.

What is a midrail?

A midrail is a section of solid wood in the middle of the shutter panel. The midrail helps give the shutter strength and prevents warping but is also chosen to cover window handles and latches on sash windows, this stops the louvres catching on protrusions.

What is a tilt rod?

Tilt rods are the mechanism which operate the louvres on the shutter panels. They are always vertical and can either be positioned centrally, offset or hidden. Hidden tilt rods come at an extra cost of 10% as the mechanism is built inside the shutter style.

What are the various configurations?

The best possible configuration will depend on the size of the window, the layout of your room and the range used. Full technical details can be found here but we recommend that in most cases shutter panels should be between 350mm and 500mm wide.

Can I order samples?

Yes, we have a showroom on the Chelsea/Fulham border in the Chelsea Design Quarter which is open 6 days a week and this will show you a wide range of products. We have shutter panels and colour keychains if required to purchase them, and colour chips. Please just contact the office to arrange for a sample.

How do I get a quote?

Rough estimates can be given over the phone or online using your measurements – see our guide to measuring. If you would like us to take accurate measurements then we can arrange a site survey. Online orders are based on your measurements.

What should I check for before I have a shutter survey?

That the window is complete – i.e. all architraves, sills, handles and plaster are in place prior to our surveyor visiting. We can advise on survey if any other features will cause a problem such as a BT box.

Do I need to pay for a site survey?

Site surveys are free of charge within the M25 and home counties. However we ask that your windows are finished with sills, architraves and plastering or tiles before we visit the site.

Why is the web price different to what I have been provided though a site survey?

Web prices are discounted from our normal rates as the onus is on you. The shutters are made to your measurements and requested configuration and fitted by you too. The shutters will still have the same quality guarantee, however we are not responsible for them fitting.

Can I buy online and get you to fit?

No. If you would like us to fit the shutters then we need to take measurements and the costs will not be discounted, unless there is a sale on.

How can I measure a window myself?

Please follow our “How to measure guide”. If you have any questions then please feel free to take a photo of the window and send to sales@shuttershop.co.uk

What if my shutters don’t fit?

If we are measuring and fitting the shutters then our promise to you is to make the shutters fit. This is not to say that something can’t go wrong – human error is natural and measurements can be misread and the factory could make to the wrong size. However with our supply and fit service, if something does go wrong we will sort it out.

If ordering online – then you will need to either re-order or speak to the office to find a solution. However we are not responsible for ensuring the shutters fit.

Where are my shutters made?

All our shutters are made in China.

The shutter market has grown from strength to strength and boomed in popularity over the years . With all expanding markets, there are good companies and bad ones and likewise the quality of products varies too. As Our Shutters are supplied by the UK’s leading supplier of interior shutters, S:Craft we know that our customers are getting the best.

The manufacturer of our shutters is based China and is the market leader for manufacturing. They stand apart from other manufacturers, who continually mimic their products with varying degrees of success. Some of their competitors start manufacturing and within a year disappear without a trace, whilst others struggle on.

The main difference between our manufacturer and many of the smaller companies is that the smaller ones just don't have the quality control or infrastructure to produce a first rate product time and time again. Our manufacturer regularly tests their components for the ability to withstand both UV and moisture.

The factory also has a labyrinth of extractor pipes making it a safe place for their employees to work. These subtle differences between their manufacturing techniques and those of other factories, make their product, we believe, the best in the world Second to that we also go out to China every year to check on the process ourselves to make sure that it passes our own quality control. We have every confidence that we provide not only the best quality shutter in the UK but in the world.

Manufacturing in China means that the cost of producing on a large scale is lower then producing anywhere else in the world and this cost reflects in the final price of your shutters. Although everything is produced in a large factory everything is made by hand so no big machines mass producing your products 

How long is the lead-time for my order?

The lead time is approximately 12 weeks from the date of order confirmation/receipt of deposit for standard shutters, however this can increase at certain times during the year when demand outstrips supply. Special shapes and custom colour matches have a longer lead-time of up to 18 weeks. You can choose to have shutters sent by air freight at a surcharge which reduces the lead-time to 3 - 4 weeks.

How do I place an order?

Measure and Fit

– Following our site survey we will send you an accurate quote, if you would like to proceed then contact our sales team. Upon acceptance of a quote we will send you an Order Confirmation, which you must accept for us to proceed and also provide a 50% deposit. Before your order is installed and fitted the full outstanding payment must be paid.

Buying Online

– Please follow the links and steps for placing an order online, if you would like any assistance then the sales team will be happy to help you. Full payment is taken using our secure online portal and confirmation of your choices are taken at time of payment.

How long are my shutters guaranteed for?

All our shutters are guaranteed for 3 years and blinds for 1 year.

My windows have changed – can I still fit the same shutters?

If you have changed your windows though adding architraves, double glazing or simply changing the windows it is unlikely that the shutters will still fit. Please contact the sales team to discuss and arrange a survey – please note if you change your windows we cannot guarantee the shutters will fit.

What is the difference between your product and the product of your competitors?

Our products are carefully selected from only the highest quality materials and we offer the most comprehensive range of shutters in the UK. Some shutter retailers supply the same product as ours, however for 28 years our dedicated passion for shutters, measuring and fitting experience, knowledgeable team and exceptional customer service sets us apart from our competitors. 



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