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Shutter styles

Our ranges of plantation shutters come in solid panel or louvred options in a variety of sizes. Choose any range from 6 shutter styles including full height, tier-on-tier and cafe style.


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white bay window shutters

Bay Window

Bay window shutters can show off your architectural features, rather than hide them, and benefit from the many unique qualities, including outstanding light and privacy control that only bay window shutters can offer. Tier-on-tier and cafe styles are common options, which complement the features of a bay window, provide great control of light and privacy, and allow for more space compared to curtains.

classic MDF shutters in cafe style

Cafe Style

Cafe style shutters cover the lower portion of the window, ideal and very attractive solution for windows on the ground floor overlooking a street or pavement or for first floor bedrooms and bathrooms requiring both ample privacy and plenty of light. Cafe style shutters are available in all of our shutter material ranges from entry level Antigua to the top end Samoa.

white full height shutters in a living room

Full Height

Full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after style due to their aesthetic appeal, simplicity and wide range of window styles they suit. Full height shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. One control mechanism is fitted to each panel, or should you wish to utilise the privacy bar (mid-rail) then the panels are split into separate operable sections.

shutters for arched windows and special shapes

Shaped Windows

At The Shutter Shop our made-to-measure shutters are the perfect and sometimes only solution to dress an irregular or special window shape including arched, porthole, triangle, curved, half circle, octagon, oval, angled, eyebrow, elongated, sunburst and trapezoid. Shutters also offer a bespoke solution for windows located in gable ends, roofs, attics and eaves.

Partly opened tier on tier shutters allowing a greater control on the amount of light inside the room

Tier on Tier

Tier-on-Tier is where the window drop covered by two sets of panels (an upper set and a lower set) of usually equal depth. However, the two tiers can be different depths if required in order to line up with horizontal glazing bars. All Tier on Tier shutters are available in our full material range shutters.

bifold sliding shutters used as room divider

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are an ideal solution for large windows and expanses including Bi-Fold windows and doors, wardrobes, swimming pools, room dividers. They are suitable to many more applications that more traditional window coverings would struggle to fit or offer the same amount of light control and privacy options, track shutters can offer. Sliding shutters are available in 2 systems: Bi-Fold and Bi-Pass.



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