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Arched Window Shutters and special shapes

Arched window shutters? Special shapes? Whatever shape or size the window there is a shutter for every space. Contact the team here at Shutter Shop to discuss your needs.

special shape shutters custom shutters for a ceiling opening

So whether your window is circular, arched or angled, is large or small, we can design special shape window shutters to suit. Even if you think we’d never be able to find a shutter to fit your window make sure you give us a call. We will arrange a survey and you’ll be surprised just how versatile shutters can be.

arched shutter in a bathroom

When architects design specific features in a building, they do not necessarily think about window furnishings. As a consequence, you may find yourself very limited in choice when it comes to covering the windows. The Shutter Shop can supply a wide range of bespoke shutter solutions to fit just about any window, door or room divider. No matter the size, shape, or complexity of your windows.

Possibly the most popular shaped shutters that we provide are arched window shutters. We can also make porthole shutters and triangular shutters to suit roof window installations. Therefore, even if you think we’d never be able to find a shutter for your windows, give us a call! Custom shape shutters are only available via The Shutter Shops expert measure and fitting service. If you have a special window shape contact us to arrange a survey visit.


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