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Tier on tier style shutters are a great solution to allow maximum light control in your rooms.

They come in a wide range of materials. Wooden shutters are surely the best option, for their superior aesthetic qualities. 

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Step 2: choose the material

details of the antigua range of affordable mdf shutters

Antigua - MDF shutters - £150/sq.m.

At the entry level for tier on tier shutters we have the Antigua range. The Antigua shutters are made of MDF and a polypropylene coating, which provides a high quality finish and excellent value for money. MDF shutters are very durable and therefore ideal for rooms where shutters are opened and closed often.

the light is gently seeping through half closed mdf shutters with no visible tilt rod

Bermuda - MDF Shutters - £209/sq.m.

The Bermuda range is a combination of painted MDF and ABS plastic louvres, which allows a wider range of colours at a cost effective price. Design your tier on tier shutters online by clicking on the Design Online button below.

hardwood white shutters on both windows of a large bedroom. the pastel white coloured shutters allows the control of the amount of light

Cuba - Basswood Shutters - £230/sq.m.

First in our wooden ranges, Cuba Shutters are manufactured in sustainable hardwoods with a medium density fibreboard (MDF) frame. The great advantage of the Cuba range over our Antigua and Bermuda shutters is the fact you can hinge 4 panels together to provide a shutter solution ideal for large windows. Try our design online tool by clicking on the button below.

fiji hardwood shutters in a tracking system configuration

Fiji - Premium Hardwood Shutters - £250/sq.m.

Wooden tier on tier shutters are surely a great addition to any room. Our Fiji Shutters are manufactured only from high quality hardwood. The stain finished range is manufactured from Paulownia which is light, warp resistant and has a beautiful wood grain. Paulownia is also an excellent choice if you want to keep rooms cool in the summer months and warm in the winter, due to its low thermal conductivity. Fiji shutters come in an outstanding array of colours and stain options for a beautiful natural look. 

java waterproof shutters in a bathroom

Java - Waterproof Shutters - £300/sq.m.

Java shutters are our only 100% water resistant tough and durable shutters, often used where high levels of cleanliness is required. Java shutters are available in 6 popular waterproof paint colours which help protect the shutters from moisture and give a high quality finish. The hard plastic helps prevent small dents and damage occurring from contact with the shutters but also give the same high quality look finish.

solid panel shutters in a country kitchen

Solid Panel Shutters - £316/sq.m.

For those looking for a more traditional look, the solid panel shutter range offers the ideal solution. Solid panel shutters are also perfect to keep the room dark ,when fully closed, and reduce the noise from the outside. Practical, elegant and beautiful, solid panel shutters are available in a great array of colours. Click on the button below to design your shutters.

elegant stained teak shutters in a dining room

Sumatra - White Teak Shutters - £290/sq.m.

Our top of the range Sumatra shutters offer the widest choice of paint and stain colours, louvre sizes and stile types. Our Sumatra shutters offer the perfect compliment to any room including conservatories, bay windows, French doors and many more. Sumatra offers an enormous amount of flexibility and customisation to provide a bespoke shutter solution second to known. Try our design online tool by clicking on the button below and customise your tier on tier shutters to your requirements.



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