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Kitchen window shutters are both stylish and functional, they offer privacy and light control, whilst they are simple in aesthetic. Shutters are a very practical window dressing and the possibility to choose waterproof products makes them a better choice for kitchen compared to blinds.

The choices in shutter styles means they can be entirely bespoke to your kitchen space requirements. From Cafe Style Shutters to Full Height Shutters, Solid Shutters to Shaped Shutters, any option can be possible to make them bespoke to your requirements. Get inspired with the gallery below or by visiting our Instagram page, please contact us if you'd like to discuss your requirements.

Kitchen Window Shutters provide an uncluttered & clean look. Their timeless design means that they are suitable for both traditional and more contemporary kitchens.
Available in all our styles, you can consider café style shutters, tier on tier or full height shutters in your kitchen.
Shutters can be tailor made in either our popular louvre style or for a more traditional look solid shutters are an option.
Quick to wipe down and clean they are a functional and practical room covering in a kitchen. In a room where the build up of grease and grime is unavoidable they offer a hygienic and longer lasting solution than other window dressings.
There are many colour options available, from neutral whites to custom colours they can be designed to perfectly match your interiors.
For larger windows or doors, tracked shutters are a common choice in kitchen design.
An advantage to plantation shutters is that they let in light unlike blinds and other window dressings, and this can be controlled by the louvres so that you get the light levels just right.
If your room is street facing they are the perfect way to provide you with privacy.
Ideal for harder to reach windows where you may require a more permanent window dressing, as the panels can remain closed for privacy whilst letting light in through the louvres.


The Kitchen for many of us is the most important room in the house, and certainly the heart of a busy family home. Getting the fixtures & fittings right is key and the right window treatment is one of these very important elements.

Shutters for many offer an ideal window dressing solution. Firstly, they are robust and hardwearing therefore ideal for heavy use in a kitchen. They are also easy to clean! This is of particular importance in a kitchen where there may be a build up of grease and grime from cooking and also sticky fingers from eager children.

There are a choice of materials you may want to consider. If the shutters will be placed behind a wet or steamy area like a sink, a popular choice is the JAVA 100% water resistant shutter range made with ABS.



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