Bathroom Shutters – Can they be Waterproof? Posted on 21 May 12:17 , 0 comments

Yes they can! When it comes to recommending bathroom shutters, particularly in very wet spaces, we always suggest customers consider our fully waterproof shutter range, Java. Java shutters are our only 100% water resistant, tough and durable shutter range, often used where high levels of cleanliness is required.

two images of waterproof shutters for bathroom windows

They are also a good option to consider in some kitchens, laundry or utility rooms where high levels of moisture may be present. Java is manufactured from high-grade ABS (acrylonile butadiene styrene), a more robust alternative to cheaper vinyl, shutters. ABS is a hard, lightweight plastic that is used for a range of purposes due to its shock absorbing properties.

detail of a waterproof shutter

Java shutters are now available in 22 popular waterproof paint colours which help protect the shutters from moisture and give a high quality finish. The hard plastic helps prevent small dents and damage occurring from contact with the shutters but also give the same high quality look finish – in fact, you would find it hard to tell that they are created with a plastic.

bathroom with tier on tier shutters

Shutters are a very popular choice for bathrooms due to their clean & contemporary aesthetics and practicality. The bathroom is a space where privacy is a necessity and shutters are a perfect solution for providing this, whilst not compromising style or on allowing the light to come in. Often smaller rooms in the house, space can often be an issue for Bathroom window dressings and Shutters provide an uncluttered and space saving solution.

Available in many different styles; café, tier on tier, full height or even suitable for special shaped & bay windows they could be a durable and perfect solution for your bathroom windows.

custom made shutters for a bathroom with a modern bath tub and a very large shaped window

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