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Fly Screens

Our Insect Window screens are a fantastic new addition to our product offering. Manufactured in the UK and with lead times as short as 3 weeks, we offer 3 models of insect screens tailored to suit differing sized widows or doors. Serene suitable for most standard window sizes and Legacy and Distinction designed for larger doors and patio windows.

They are the perfect way to allow air to flow throughout the home; providing a discreet barrier they prevent insects entering the room but without obscuring the view.


Serene window screens are retractable spring controlled insect screens designed for window openings up to 2m wide and 2m high. They are operated by hand and latch into place using a soft close system. Serene window screens are compact and understated and are child-safe – with no cords or strings. They fit most window types such as casement and sash, and tilt-and-turn and can also be fitted behind the back of our Shutters on most Sash windows.

  • Fits most windows including casement, sash, tilt and turn and velux.
  • The soft close system ensures screens slide back gently.
  • Low profile housing blends in with your existing window frame.
  • Inherently child safe with no cords or strings.
  • Mechanical components covered by Lifetime Warranty.
  • Alongside our standard white frames, Serene screens can be finished in any RAL colour to match existing décor. We also offer a range of wood grain finishes


Legacy Insect Screens are designed for door openings up to 2.44m wide with a double screen configuration. The fit to the existing door frames and create a near invisible barrier that lets fresh air in and keeps insects out.

Like the Serene they use a mesh netting which as well as preventing insects entering your home help block up to 55% of UV rays.

  • Mechanical components covered by Lifetime Warranty.
  • Latching handles and soft close system available as an option.
  • Alongside standard white frames, Legacy screens can be finished in any RAL colour to match existing décor.
  • We also offer a range of wood grain finishes.

Distinction – Pleated Door Insect Screens

Distinction Screens are pleated flyscreens designed for door openings up to 9m wide x 3m high. They are operated by hand and can be opened to any position giving you the flexibility to fully or partly deploy them. Distinction Fly Screens are unique as they have an ultra-low-profile monorail track (3mm) making this product the ideal solution for wheelchair users or where the transition from indoors to outdoors must remain on a single uninterrupted level.

  • Fits most doors including sliding, double and bi-folds.
  • Distinction fly screens can be finished in any RAL colour to match existing décor.
  • Wire tension system for smooth operation.
  • Low profile bottom rail means you don’t need to step over it.
  • Durable pleated mesh.
  • All screens come with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Distinction screens feature our fold-away pleated 18/16 mesh which provides insect protection and up to 55% solar shading.





Along with fly screens we also offer an extensive range of blinds and plantation shutters?

Are you still uncertain about the best insect screen solution for you home and need further suggestions?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable solutions for your home.

You can also book a free no obligation appointment, so that our surveyors run you run you through the product range most suitable for you and we can provide you a free quotation.



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