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Window shutters can be made in many different styles and materials, but we have carefully sourced the best shutter products around for our customers. With a choice of shutter materials catering for any budget and preference, including MDF, plastic and Hardwood. Have a look at our list of interior shutter products to find out more.

We have a selection of 6 louvred Plantation Shutters and 2 solid shutter panel ranges, which are all made bespoke for your window in full height, tier-on-tier or cafe style (half height). We are also experts at supplying bay window shutters, shaped shutters for unique windows as well as tracking system shutters to add style and functionality to larger windows and doors.


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Tier On Tier Shutters
Tier-on-Tier Shutters cover the window with two sets of panels (an upper set and a lower set) of usually equal depth. Tier on Tier are a highly versatile shutter style, allowing for maximum flexibility in regards to lighting and privacy requirements.
Cafe Style Shutters
Cafe style shutters cover the lower portion of the window, ideal and very attractive solution for windows on the ground floor overlooking a street or pavement or for first floor bedrooms and bathrooms requiring both ample privacy and plenty of light.
Full Height Shutters
Full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after style due to their aesthetic appeal, simplicity and wide range of window styles they suit. Full height shutter panels run the full height of the window or door.
Bay Window Shutters
Bay window shutters show off your architectural features and benefit from many unique qualities, including outstanding light and privacy control that only bay window shutters can offer. 
shutters for arched windows and special shapes Shaped Window Shutters
Our made-to-measure shutters are the perfect solution to dress an irregular or special window shape including arched, porthole, triangle, curved, half circle, octagon, oval, angled, eyebrow, elongated, sunburst and trapezoid.
Sliding Shutters
For wider windows or doors, particularly patio doors, Sliding Shutters are usually the best solution. We offer 2 types of tracking systems – Bi-Folding and Bi-Passing.


Have a look at our list of interior shutter ranges to find out more. All our ranges are available in any style.

MDF Shutters
Available in 6 colours. From £210/sqm.
Our ‘Antigua’ MDF shutters are our best selling product and offer a high quality finish and excellent value for money. Extremely durable, they are an ideal choice for most rooms.
ABS Shutters
Available in 12 colours. From £264/sqm.
The ‘Bermuda’ range is a lighter weight MDF shutter with ABS louvres so a great alternative to our Antigua range for large windows and is also available in a wider range of colours.
Waterproof Shutters
Available in 12 colours. From £360/sqm.
Our ‘Java’ ABS shutters are 100% water resistant, tough and durable. Available in a range of popular waterproof paint colours, they are ideal bathroom shutters or kitchen window shutters.
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Basswood Shutters
Available in 12 colours. From £300/sqm.
Our ‘Cuba’ range is our entry-level hardwood shutter, and is one of our most popular choices of shutter. Versatile & practical whilst also affordable for a hardwood product.
Hardwood Shutters
Available in 40+ colours and stains. From £350/sqm.
Our top of the range hardwood product - ‘Fiji’ - is light, warp resistant and has a beautiful wood grain when stained. Available in an outstanding array of colours and stains for a beautiful natural look.
Solid Shutters
Available in 40+ colours and stains. From £348/sqm.
We offer 2 styles of Solid Shutter, the traditional Solid Shaker or more decorative Solid Raised. Solid Shutters are available in full height, tier-on-tier and cafe style (half height), and are usually chosen for their traditional style.
Aluminium Shutters
Available in satin white or charcoal.
Aluminium Shutters are the perfect solution when security is important. The 'Portchester' range combines safety and style. Discover the advantages of installing aluminium shutters in your home.
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