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Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters cover the whole window, but the top and bottom can be opened independently of one another. For this reason the tier on tier shutter style offer a versatile shutter combination

Tier on Tier shutters gives the option of ‘opening up’ the upper panels to allow in maximum light whilst maintaining the privacy afforded by keeping the lower set closed.

Furthermore, when closed across the window, tier on tier shutters give the appearance of having more solid timber than a set of ‘full height’ shutters. This is due to the way the tops of the lower panels and the bottoms of the upper panels meet.

tier on tier shutters example tier on tier shutter with top open

Tier on Tier Shutters are particularly suitable for angled bay windows, because of their versatility and application. Although one frame can be used to mount all the shutters, tier-on-tier style provides a great option to effectively treat each window in the bay as a separate shutter and panel. This gives a desired look and finish while allowing good use of the middle window and shutter if required.

The configuration of our tier on tier plantation shutters provide an enormous amount of light control and privacy options to suit your unique requirements. Tier on tier shutters also look very stylish and suit every room décor. Tier on Tier plantation shutters are particularly well suited to overlooked windows and rooms in the home or workplace that are perhaps short on light. By keeping the lower tier closed and the top tier open, privacy is maintained while allowing light into the room above.

Available Ranges for Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters are very popular and can be purchased in any range. For Victorian homes we surely advise one of our premium wooden shutter ranges, like Fiji, or Sumatra. Victorian shutters or panelled shutters are also a valid alternative to the plantation style. A wooden shutter in a bay window will surely look great!.

To see the complete range of shutter materials available you can browse our range of shutters. You can also contact us for booking a free appointment: we will take the measure for you and send you a no obligation quote. Book your survey request today: it's free!

You can also design and buy online the tier of tier shutters of your choice, after you have selected the range you prefer. 




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