Can I Install my own Shutters? Posted on 9 Feb 16:25 , 0 comments

Yes you can! Fitting your own Shutters is an increasingly popular option for many people. For those looking to make a saving and therefore be able to realise their dream of having plantation shutters in their homes, DIY shutters can be a perfect solution for you to keep the cost down. Aside from costs, you may of course just enjoy DIY and relish the idea of taking on the task yourself!

cafe style shutters easy to self install

We do sometimes hear concerns from our customers about how difficult measuring and installing their own shutters will be to achieve. We feel it is important to point out that whilst DIY shutters are not for everyone, if you have uncomplicated windows, a relative competency & confidence in DIY, take special care with getting the measurements correct and have the right equipment, then fitting Shutters to your own windows is surprisingly straight forward.

With our DIY Shutters you benefit from the same premium quality product used for our supply and fit service, but as you will be measuring & installing the shutters yourself, taking the responsibility for your measurements, they come at a lower price. Every shutter we supply is still custom made to your exact size and design specification. To assist you with the DIY process, we have our online guides for How to Measure Shutters and How to Install Shutters, making the process as straight forward as possible for you.

DIY shutters installed in a nursery room

DIY Shutters does not mean we are not at hand to help! Please be reassured that once you have placed an order online, that one of our team will then call you directly to discuss your order and check through all details before it is put into production. Additionally if you would like to have a video survey with one of our surveyors to run through your window shutter requirements we would be delighted to organise this for you.

There are of course occasions when we wouldn’t advise you to fit your own shutters, and would recommend our full measure & fit service to you. If you have a bay window, particularly large, wonky or special shaped window we would encourage you to use our full measure & fit service for you where we can ensure that you have the highest end result. You may also just prefer to put the responsibility onto us, our measure & fit service means that we can guarantee the shutters will fit.

Overall, DIY Shutters are a great way to remove some of the total costs - by eliminating the additional cost of installation off your budget and making shutters an affordable option for your home. You can order your DIY shutters through our website or via our sister business Shutters & Shades. If you are unsure about your window shutter requirements or want to find out more about the best option for you, please do get in touch with us, one of our team would be delighted to assist you.