Are shutters good for nurseries? Posted on 26 Apr 12:10 , 0 comments

Shutters are a very popular choice in children’s bedrooms and nurseries for several good reasons.

The 5 main points we would like to highlight in favour of shutters in nurseries are:

  • Additional Safety
  • Neutral timeless design aesthetic
  • Easy to clean
  • Light control
  • Durability
nursery with white furniture and white shutters on the window

One of the primary reasons you may select shutters for your child’s room is for safety. Fitted securely to the window it means there is no risk of them falling or being pulled on like curtains, they also provide an extra layer if a window is open. Additionally, without the need for any blind or curtain cords, which can pose a huge risk unless carefully fitted and out of reach, they are seen as even more of a child friendly option. Also, particularly in street facing rooms, the additional privacy that plantation shutters offer, even with the louvres open is a fantastic benefit to make you feel that your child is secure.

window in a nursery with half open shutters

Another huge bonus for Plantation shutters in a nursery is that they can be easily and quickly cleaned – hurrah! Particularly important in a room where there may be sticky fingers, this is certainly a massive plus! They are also highly durable, well suited to the heavy wear and tear they may receive from an inquisitive and gregarious child.

little child looking out a window through open shutters

Redecorating is expensive and is perhaps something you only intend to do once, therefore the neutral and timeless aesthetic of shutters is great. The room can grow with the child, and rather than having the need to replace blinds or curtains when they are no longer into that particular pattern or theme, plantation shutters offer a window covering that works just as well in a nursery as it does in a teenagers bedroom and beyond into adult years. Shutters also come in a range of colours and styles so you are not limited with choice.

nursery with white tier on tier shutters

One of the main benefits of plantation shutters in a nursery is undeniably the level of light control that they provide. This is what sets shutters apart from other window treatments. Whether the shutters are folded back fully for maximum daylight, or closed with the slats fully open. Whether the slats are adjusted to a half angle – great for privacy, or whether they are fully closed. They are so easy to adjust and it means that you are completely in control of choosing the level of light you require at all times of the day in your child’s room. You could also look at Solid panel shutters for an even greater light block when fully closed. For additional control, or darkness when required, you can also consider having integrated black out blinds behind your shutters.

mum with a little child in her arms looking out a window with shutters

If you do decide you are looking for additional darkness to just shutters – perhaps your child's nursery is next to a street light or it faces East for the sunrise, the room darkening option is for you! The mixture of Honeycomb corded blinds and plantation shutters guarantees maximum room darkening and minimal noise for any room at all times of the day and night – which is particularly important if you have day time naps to contend with. The combination provides you with the versatility to manage light control during the day and night, and because they are so hidden and discreet you wont be compromising on the interior finish of the room, the blinds are also fitted with a child safety mechanism.

bedroom with many coloured cushions on a child bed, window with shutters and darkening blinds

Our Room Darkening Blinds sit discreetly in their own channel behind the shutters, which stops almost all light from seeping through. Integrated Room Darkening blinds can also reduce the amount of noise that filters into the room and the pocketed honeycomb design make them perfect for trapping air and adding to thermal insulation. If you already have shutters in place and are looking for additional darkness in your nursery or child’s bedroom don’t fear, we can retrofit room darkening blinds to sit behind your shutters.