Can you have your shutters removed and refitted if you have your windows changed? Posted on 16 Nov 14:29 , 0 comments

If you are having your windows replaced or having work done to your current windows, you may be required to take down existing window dressings to do so, or need to provide full access. Do not panic however, new windows may not need to mean new shutters, so do contact us and we can look and see if we can help.

a bedroom with a shutters on the window and an open curtain

We are often approached by clients who are wondering exactly this. Is it possible to have their shutters taken down and put back up again? Most of the time, unless there are going to be significant changes to the measurements of the windows and their surrounds, the answer is yes. However the earlier you plan the better chance of being able to reuse our shutters.

Things to think about in advance of ordering your new windows & removing your shutters

  • Are you changing your windows like for like – if so, it is usually OK for your existing shutters to be removed and installed.
  • If you are changing Timber for UPVC windows this can cause issues however so do think about what might be changing. Often handles are the main issue. Your original shutters were likely built out for the existing handles so with your new windows try and keep handle depth as small as possible by requesting slimline espag handles rather than standard.
  • Bay windows – are the number of panes staying the same, the angles of the bay (as well as the handle issue above) are key
  • Breaks in the window – are the natural breaks in the window staying at the same position – while this might not affect the fitting this may affect the aesthetic if they change location
  • As shutters usually fit to window surrounds – it is usually important architraves stay in the same place
  • Warranty – can we re-fit the shutters without affecting warranty – most the time yes!

What does the process of having your shutters removed and reinstalled entail?

We appreciate that you may not want to be without your window dressings for too long and so do endeavour to make the process as streamlined as possible for you. The below steps are what will be required in order to undertake the job, and if scheduled in advance this process can be achieved fairly quickly.

two images showing a worker removing and refitting shutters on a window after its replacement

  • Step 1 - Contact us for a rough quote – we need photos etc. details of new windows.
  • Step 2 – One of our Fitters can come and take down your existing shutters. This is usually a quick process, but to avoid potential transit damage in inferior packaging we usually suggest the shutters stay on site.
  • Step 3 – Windows fitted.
  • Step 4 – We arrange to send one of our fitters to return to survey and see what has changed. At this stage we work out what parts we need (if any) are how we can re-fit the shutters. It is rare but on occasions – dimensions may have changed beyond our ability to make fit. Please see above things to think about in advance to avoid this. At this stage the estimate might change a little but hopefully not significantly.
  • Step 5 – Fitter will return to carry out work of reinstalling shutters.

bay window with shutters refitted after the windows have been changed

At The Shutter Shop we are very happy to assist you with removing and refitting your shutters and have skilled fitters who can put them back in place and make them look as good as they did when they were first installed. Get in touch with our team to find out more and receive a quotation.