Plantation Shutters for a beautiful narrowboat home Posted on 18 Apr 16:15 , 0 comments

Can you install shutters on a boat? Yes!

We recently supplied plantation shutters for a beautiful narrowboat home in West Yorkshire. With our DIY self-install shutter option, you can order the same high quality shutters as our measure & fit product ranges, but for you to measure and install yourself. Having supplied shutters previously for this customers house, they knew they could take on the DIY challenge and decided they wanted to put shutters on all of the windows of their boat. We may be biased but we think plantation shutters an excellent option for a window dressing on a boat! They are fixed in place making them safe and a hugely appropriate window treatment in this setting.

inside a narrowboat with white shutters on the windows

They selected our Antigua MDF shutters, which are our most popular shutter range. The Antigua range is both affordable but highly durable too! It is available in 6 different colours. The client chose silk white with a central traditional silk rod in a 47mm louvre size – due to the little size of the windows our smallest louvre range was advisable.


narrowboat kitchen with white shutters on the windows

The installed shutters look fantastic, they are neat, practical and look stylish too. Will provide much needed privacy but also warmth in the winter months and shade when its sunny too! They are also highly durable and should stand the test of time.

inside a narrowboat with plantation shutters at the end, to provide privacy to the bedroom area

Supply only is a great option if you are wanting to make a saving on your shutters, as you will not have the installation costs, and because you are taking on the measuring too, the product price is discounted too.