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Who were the most impressive Decorex 2016 exhibitors? Read on to find out about our show highlights as told by The Shutter Shop. 

Decorex 2016 exhibitors: style and design in one show

With more than 400 exhibitors, Decorex International 2016 had plenty on show for the luxury interiors and design enthusiast. However, Decorex is no longer just one of the most important luxury interior exhibitions in the world, but is coming more and more a show for cutting edge design.

Walking around the carefully prepared stands, one could see hundreds of fabulous objects, furniture and décor that would make any home shine.

No matter what they were exhibiting, Decorex 2016 exhibitors had one thing in common: impress and fascinate the visitors with luxurious stands or innovative design. Tradition and modernity, futuristic design and old style furniture, from lighting to bathrooms, from sofas to rugs, flooring and fabrics: any Decorex visitor could find something special.

We have collected a few images of the Decorex 2016 exhibitors’ stands, because when it comes to design and style, an image speaks more than a thousand words.

Decorex 2016 top exhibitors: lighting

Decorex 2016 exhibitors: Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield manufacture contemporary furniture and lighting. In their workshop in Cornwall they create unique pieces which are individually finished. Among the products they presented at Decorex 2016 we were particularly impressed by their lighting range. Their steam-bending craft has reached new heights! Don't you think?

Decorex 2016 exhibitors: i Dogi

Among the Decorex 2016 exhibitors, i Dogi's stand could not be missed: their custom-made production of oversized chandeliers and tables was well represented.

This amazing skill in creating unique pieces is the last incarnation of the historical Venetian tradition in glass working.

Le deun luminaries at decorex 2016

Passing from I Dogi to Le Deun Luminaires, the distance in style could not be greater. Another example of how Decorex 2016 exhibitors cover the whole spectrum of style: tradition and modernity were really walking hand in hand here at Decorex 2016!

Le Deun Luminaires might focus on simplicity and purity of essential geometrical shapes, rather than over complicated designs, but they do it very well! Their LED based low consumption electronic lighting do not forget what style is about. Modern and efficient can also mean elegant and stylish.

We liked their stand so much probably because at The Shutter Shop we know what it means to create style and functionality, beautiful products and practical ones at the same time. And Le Deun Luminaires have definitely done so...brilliantly!

Le Deun's creations are all manufactured in France and finished in their atelier in Paris. They have now a showroom in London. Where? In Lots Road, in the famous Chelsea Design Quarter, and just around the corner from The Shutter Shop! 

Decorex 2016 top exhibitors: furniture

Decorex 2016 entrance: the history of chair making

Entering Decorex 2016, the visitors were welcome by an impressive display of chairs of various historical periods. This was the "Heritage of Chair Making" exhibition, which was created by the renowned designer Tom Gosling. Part of the exhibits belongs to the famous collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Could there be a better introduction for an exhibition whose focus is in interior design?

If a visitor was visiting Decorex for the first time, the immediate impression was to be in the right place to find the highest quality and superior craftsmanship, cutting edge design and innovative style.

Once again, tradition and innovation are equally represented. Let's see the exhibitors who have left an impression in the furniture session.


Collinet stand at Decorex 2016

We can start with Collinet, the French manufacturer of bespoke chairs and furniture. Tradition and elegance are strongly represented in their product range, mainly aimed at the hotel and restaurant clientele.

With a business dating back to 1887, Collinet is definitely one of the exhibitors that know a thing or two about traditional woodworking and craftsmanship!

Decorex is not only a design show, but also an important appointment for the hotel industry and Collinet is certainly one of its main suppliers.

Blackpop exhibiting at Decorex 2016

Voted the "Best New product in Show" in 2015, Blackpop can really impress. their collection of wallpaper, fabric and upholstery is definitely eye catching. The company is only 3 year old, but it is definitely gaining ground on its competitors! Never been to the National Portrait Gallery Cafè in London? Well, the wallpaper is theirs. We are quite sure that many other commercial premises will soon be given their magic touch!

Decorex 2016 top exhibitors: bathrooms

William Holland's copper bath tub

William Holland's copper bath tubs are just unique! No wonder: they are the only European manufacturer of copper baths. Maybe not to everyone's taste, and probably not ideal for every bathroom, but undoubtedly stylish and with that retro feeling that can really inspire an interior designer.

decorex 2016 bathroom exhibitors - THG shower by Drummond at Decorex 2016

If William Holland's copper baths cannot satisfy the modern designer, THG's (left) or Drummond's (right) probably will. High-end bathrooms fittings were well represented at Decorex. THG and Drummonds were definitely two exhibitors worthwhile visiting.

Decorex 2016 top exhibitors: accessories

Accessories are often those things that make a room unique, a home more homelike and a public space just what it is known for. Great abundance of exhibitors in the accessories categories to choose from.

vintage juke box and table football at decorex 2016

If you like old style juke-box or vintage table football, The Games Room Company was the Decorex exhibitor for you.  Specialised in rare pieces brought back to mint conditions, their stand at Decorex was full of real gems.

And if you can afford a well equipped playroom, you must surely fit a cricket-ball-door-knob, or a billiard-ball one to give it the perfect finish touch! From Chloe Alberry, in Portobello, you can surely find the perfect one for you.

cricket ball door knobs

The Shutter Shop at Decorex 2016

The shutter shop stand at decorex 2016

It is always a nice experience exhibiting at Decorex. This year we presented our new collection of interior honeycomb blinds, the perfect solution for light filtering. They can also be used as blackout solution for bedroom windows, and they are the perfect complement to our range of shutters. 

shutter shop product display at decorex

We were glad to see our customers once again and we received many enquiries for our range of shutters. We noticed a particular interest on our shaped window shutters, and the ever popular arched shutters. Whatever the shape and dimension of your windows, at The Shutter Shop we have a bespoke solution for you.

Did you visit Decorex? Is there one of Decorex 2016 exhibitors that caught your imagination? Share your impressions in the comments!