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Cafe style shutters

Cafe style shutters are half the height of full height style shutters with panels covering the bottom half of a window only.

details of a cafe style shutter in a light colour room decor white cafe shutters behind a light blue sofa with matching cushions

Half height shutters are available to order in a wide range of colours and stains, depending on the material selected, allowing you to match your shutters to your window frames. Like all our styles, half height window shutters can also be custom colour matched to compliment the style of your home. They easily fit any window or room style

cafe style shutters in a bedroom window with cafe style shutters letting the light in

Cafe style plantation shutters are also ideal for 1st floor bedrooms that are perhaps not overlooked from above and therefore full privacy is not required. But by having privacy in the lower half of the window, the open top half can let welcomed light into the room. Alternatively, you can look at our tier on tier shutter range, if you want to be able to close the upper part of the window too. They also can be complimented to by using curtains on the windows too to offer a highly stylish yet practical shutter solution.

Covering just the lower portion of your windows, maximise the light while still controlling privacy, half height shutters can also be ordered in our 100% waterproof Java Range in case your room suffers from moisture issues. Perhaps one of the main reasons people choose our Cafe style shutters over other plantation shutter designs, is the form and class that this genre of shutter offers. They look simply elegant in cottages and Victorian houses and are the perfect match for this design of home.

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cafe shutters in a bedroom with curtains cafe style shutters behind a bath tub

Available Materials for Cafe style Shutters

Cafe style shutters are very popular solutions and are made in a variety of materials. You can browse our range of shutter materials or you can contact us for booking a free appointment: we will take the measure for you and send you a no obligation quote. Book your survey request today: it's free! You can also design and buy online the cafe style shutters of your choice, after you have selected the material you prefer.




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