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Full Height Shutters

Full height window shutters consist of panels and frames which as their name suggests cover the full height of the window.

Full height window shutters are excellent for controlling unwanted light because of their simple panel configuration. They also provide outstanding privacy making them ideal for homes next to busy roads. Full height shutters reflect the traditional plantation shutter style and are extremely elegant. Full height style shutters are available in all of our shutter range materials, from entry level Antigua to the top end Sumatra. Therefore, you will be able to find the colours and materials you prefer!

As well as controlling unwanted light, full height plantation shutters are also great for controlling unwanted outside noise such as motor vehicles and planes because the shutter panels and frames cover the whole height of the window and therefore help provide a barrier against outside noise.

Full height plantation shutters can be ordered in all of our shutter range from our entry level MDF Antigua shutters to our range topping white teak Sumatra shutters plus our 100% waterproof Java range.

Our stunning range of Full height plantation shutters are possibly our most sought after plantation shutter style.

Available Ranges for Full Height Shutters

You can choose full height shutters in a variety of materials. You can browse our range of shutters or you can contact us for booking a free appointment. We will take the measurement for you and send you a no obligation quote. Book your survey request today: it's free!

You can also design and buy online your new full height style shutters, after selecting the range you prefer.



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