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We are often asked how to dress a bay window and if shutters are a suitable dressing for bay windows. Bay windows are often a crowning, key and beautiful feature of a room, in both traditional and modern homes. However with extra windows & angles to take into consideration they can be more complicated than standard windows and there are also many options to think about in terms of types of window dressings!

It is therefore a difficult decision for a homeowner or interior designer to make with what window decoration to use on them in regards to privacy and warmth, style and decoration. For many reasons that we will explain below, we believe that Shutters provide the perfect solution to all types of bay window.

1.Shutters blend into the bay window

image of a bay window with a sofa and dressed with white shutters

Firstly, Bay window shutters blend into the window design & architecture rather than taking away from them or hiding them, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay, keeping the area clean and crisp whilst maintaining the special aesthetics.

2.Combine shutters, curtains and blinds

bay window with cafe style shutters and curtains with two elegant chairs in front

Choosing bay window shutters doesn’t mean you can’t have a roman blind or fabric curtains too! Depending on the room and the space around it, sometimes a combination of Shutters & Curtains or Shutters & Blinds can work very well too – particularly if you are looking for a softer finish, added decoration or additional warmth. We regularly work with clients who use both together (sometimes even all three!) and it works incredibly well and the results look fantastic. We can assist you with all types of blinds for your windows too which can be installed along with your shutters.

3.Dress bay windows to preserve internal heat

large living room with fire place, blue wall and bay window dressed with shutters

Another benefit of using plantation shutters in your bay window, is that they are not only stylish and elegant but also more thermodynamically efficient. Bay windows, by their nature, have a larger run of windowpanes, potentially letting more heat out of the room. This is the beauty of particularly Victorian homes, but also one of their limitations. By installing plantation shutters in your Bay Window you are creating an added barrier against heat loss and therefore providing a more efficient level of insulation of your room. Shutters also help provide a cooler living area during the summer months by blocking out the direct sun whilst allowing airflow through the operable louvres.

4.Dress your bay windows with the right materials

bedroom with bay window and shutters

At The Shutter Shop there is full flexibility on which material you choose for your bay window shutters, both MDF and hardwood options are suitable and also many different styles can be used; full height, solid, tier on tier and café. However, due to their flexibility, Tier on tier and café style shutters are both particularly popular choices for bay windows. These styles let you have more control of the light coming in through your bay window, particularly with tier on tier where by you could have the bottom tier closed and the top tier open at any one time.

5.Choose the right colour combination to dress your bay windows

perfect dressing for a bay window with green shutters blending with the surrounding colours

It is also worth remembering that shutters can be finished in many different paint colours so you are certainly not limited from a design perspective for your interiors, whether you are wanting to subtly match them to your rooms colour palette, or create a real statement anything is possible. At The Shutter Shop we currently have 31 paint colours, 28 stains & the option of creating your own custom colour available to you for your shutters.

6.Rely on a Measure & Fit Service

professionally fitted bay window shutters in a modern kitchen

Bay window shutters can be more difficult to measure and fit, due to uneven levels, even with modern homes and windows. We therefore recommend our full measure and fit service, whereby our expert surveyors can take full responsibility and most importantly the pressure away from you! We can make our shutters to fit any shape bay window, whether you have a round bay window, a square bay window, a canted bay window or an angled bay window. For more inspiration check out our Image Gallery or Instagram page for further inspiration, or get in touch with us today to book in your survey.

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