Shutters are sustainable and save us from global warming! Posted on 13 Jul 10:39 , 0 comments

Sustainability all the way!

The Shutter Shop prides itself on being able to provide sustainable materials for our bespoke wooden plantation shutters and offering customers only the very highest quality shutters available in the UK.

The woods come from sustainable plantations that are harvested and regrown quickly. The Shutter Shop cares about the environment and as a result our shutters are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities that reuse waste materials to help provide power to the factory.

The timbers used in our hardwood shutters are some of the finest quality available, harvested from sustainable plantations. Our customer can be rest assured that if you are confused with the selection of materials, we will be able to guide you in the right way, helping you make the perfect choice according to your home, financial and ethical requirements.

In a recent article written by environment editor of The Times provides further backing that shutters are not only pleasing to the eye but help to saving the planet.

You can read the full article here