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With the summer heatwave well and truly upon us and many of us sweltering both inside and outside our homes, it is often a time when existing window dressings are thought about and perhaps reconsidered if they are not doing the job! If you are looking to improve your current window covering, and insulation or shade, is one of the factors you are looking at for keeping the heat out in the summer months, or the heat in, during the winter months then plantation shutters could definitely be a good option for you to choose!

Plantation Shutters keep the heat out!

detail of plantation shutters to show how the louvres can trap the heat behind the window

Plantation Shutters provide an additional layer of insulation in your windows. When closed, interior shutters keep the hot air trapped between the window and the louvres, thus keeping the room fresher.

An extra benefit of plantation shutters is the louvres, which due to the fact they are adjustable, means that you can easily regulate the light, or currently the heat from the sun, that comes into your room!

Plantation shutters and roof windows

Plantation Shutters are a great option to look at if you have roof windows / sky lights or velux windows. Due to their bespoke nature, shutters will easily fit to any shape and size of skylight.

room with sloping ceiling with skylight and shutter, which allows the regulation of the light and limit the heat through the window

Dressing your Velux windows or sky light windows with shutters will help with regulating the temperature and also the light levels. Particularly in these summer months, roof windows can cause difficulties with sunlight making the room far too hot or causing early morning wakings. Shutters not only will assist with the light levels, but in turn will contribute to controlling the heat in a room.

conservatory with shutters on the glass roof, which allow the amount of light enetring the conservatory and reduce the heat in the summer months, when kept closed

We have both manual and automated shutter options to consider for these harder to reach windows.

Blackout Blinds for additional insulation

If you are looking for additional insulation alongside your plantation shutters, for heat, noise or for extra black out, you can consider having integrated black out blinds.

double image showing on the left a window with shutters and integrated blackout blinds, and on the right the detail of the honeycomb blackout blind

These blinds, known as Honeycomb blinds or cellular blinds are categorised by their unique smart cellular pleated design. The cells provide an insulation barrier, reducing the exchange of heat in summer and maintaining the heat in the winter. The double-walled honeycomb structure makes the fabric extremely strong, durable and flexible.

The combination of these Honeycomb corded blinds and plantation shutters ensures maximum black out and minimal noise for any room at any time of the day, making them ideal for bedrooms, especially nurseries, as it offers the versatility to manage light control during the day and night.

Honeycomb blinds and insulation

You can also consider honeycomb blinds as a standalone product, or to go behind an existing window dressing that you have in place. They offer you an affordable and practical solution for additional insulation and darkness.

honeycomb blinds on corner windows

We offer honeycomb binds in Corded, Cordless, Cordloop, Smart Fit, Decoflex and Vertical styles. With multiple options to choose from in terms of design, colour & pleat size, they offer functionality & style and are a hugely popular solution for the home.

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