Summer is on its way! Posted on 22 Mar 14:53 , 0 comments

Spring is in the air and British Summer Time is finally on its way with the clocks going forward by an hour this weekend! Whilst we all love the extra light this brings us in the evening with a later sun set, it can cause light control issues in the home - particularly with young children at bedtime! Fear Not! We have a solution with our integrated black out blinds, which provide an additional room darkening solution neatly behind shutters.

The combination of Honeycomb corded blinds and plantation shutters ensures maximum black out and minimal noise for any room, at any time of the day, making it a great solution for day time naps for children and night shift workers also. Whilst there are lots of room darkening solutions out there in the market, many existing so-called blackout blinds and fabrics still allow sunshine to seep into the room, from around the sides or through the slats. Even the smallest amount of light bleed can be a real problem, which is why we offer a solution that all but eliminates rays from both sun and street light alike.

window with shutters and darkening blinds

This feature makes it ideal for bedrooms, especially nurseries, as it offers the versatility to manage light control during the day and night, without compromising on the interior finish of the room and all with child safety mechanism. It is also a great solution for home cinema rooms. The corded honeycomb blinds can also be ordered as a stand-alone window cover solution and are available in over 15 colours.

 Our Room Darkening Blinds sit snugly in their own channel behind the shutters, which stops almost all light from seeping through (unlike traditional roller blinds). Integrated Room Darkening blinds can also reduce the amount of noise that filters into the room and the pocketed honeycomb design make them perfect for trapping air and adding to thermal insulation.

detail of a window with shutters and darkening blinds

 For more information about our integrated shutter and darkening blinds, contact us or send a survey request so we can visit your home and measure your windows.