What are the main Benefits of choosing Plantation Shutters for my windows? Posted on 8 Mar 16:11 , 0 comments

We could list multiple benefits as we believe there are many, but here we have selected our TOP SIX benefits of choosing plantation shutters for your home. Plantation Shutters are often chosen by home & business owners due to their timeless, neutral, clean and simple design aesthetic, however it is not just the ‘look’ that interior shutters provide, there are also some key practical benefits that give them the advantage over other window dressings.


1. Plantation Shutters for Privacy

One of the benefits of interior window shutters are often chosen for the home, particularly in street facing properties or in more built up areas is for the privacy they provide. The plantation ‘slatted’ style of shutter mean that whilst you can still see out and get light into your home, passers by are not able to see into your home. Additionally, because of the different styles of interior shutters that we have available, full height, tier on tier, café style, you can choose how much privacy is required.

cafe style plantation shutters facing a main road

For example, in street facing properties that get a lot of foot fall on the ground level with people walking passed windows, but perhaps are quite dark due being on a built up street, clients often select half height, café style shutters. This is because they can have maximum privacy at the lower level, but the upper panels of the windows can be left free to allow more light in. Tier on Tier is also a popular consideration for this as you have option of both, with independently operated lower and upper panels.

2. Shutters give more light control

Along with privacy, one of the main benefits of plantation shutters is undoubtedly the level of light control that they provide. This really sets shutters apart from alternative window dressings.

details of the adjustable slats of a shutter that show the benefits of adjusting the amount of light entering the room

Whether the shutters are folded back fully for maximum light, or closed with the slats fully open. Whether the slats are adjusted to a half angle, or whether they are fully closed. They are so easy to adjust and it means that you are completely in control of choosing the level of light you require at all times of the day. For additional control, or darkness when required, you can also consider having integrated black out blinds behind your shutters.

3. Versatility

shutters fitted to a bay window

Particularly in older properties, no window is ever quite the same! Windows also come in many different shapes and sizes, windows can be slanted, walls can be warped, the architecture can be really quite unique in every setting. Due to the fact that plantation shutters are entirely bespoke and custom made to your windows, it means that they are a very versatile option. We can create custom shaped shutters that can fit any window.

4. Temperature Control

close up image of a window shutter

Shutters are an additional barrier and layer of insulation to your home! Therefore in the summer months, when direct sunlight may be beaming through your windows, they offer shade and therefore help to keep your home cool. In winter months, when its cold outside, they offer another layer of insulation in addition to your windows to help to keep the warmth in. This makes them an energy efficient option but also an environmentally friendly one too.

5. Shutters provide increased security

Due to the fact that shutters offer greater privacy to your home, with potential intruders unable to see in, particularly if fully closed, it means that they add an extra layer of security purely just by being there and stopping people being nosy! They also offer an additional physical barrier.

aluminium shutters in a dining room

For those particularly concerned about security, there is also the option of adding Aluminium Shutters, which provides the highest level of protection to your home.

6. Shutters are Easy to Clean

Plantation shutters can be easily and quickly cleaned with a feather duster and damp cloth – no specialist cleaning or dry cleaning required! Particularly for high traffic areas of the home where there may be sticky fingers, grime built up from cooking or moisture in wetter rooms this is a huge benefit.

kitchen with ball shaped lights hanging low on the table and plantation shutters on the window

We have different ranges also that can make this even more straight forward, for example in particularly humid spaces, such as shower rooms, we would recommend our Java shutter range which is made from ABS plastic and 100% waterproof, the ideal window covering.


Not only are plantation shutters going to look good, but they are also going to add some huge benefits to your home too!