MDF Shutters in Hertfordshire Posted on 4 Apr 14:47 , 0 comments

We recently installed our Antigua MDF shutters for a stunning Living Room in Hertfordshire. The simplicity and neutral aesthetic of the full height shutters matched perfectly with the clients living room scheme and contemporary feel.

With a big window to dress in their living room, they had a number of shutter styles they were able to consider. However, being a terraced property, privacy and not being overlooked was an important factor, as was maintaining maximum light during the day, but a cosy furnished & insulated feel during the evenings.

white mdf shutters in a living room in Hertfordshire house

Full Height Shutters with a midrail were chosen as the best option for this room, this is a great style to choose if looking for maximum flexibility. Although you have the full height look, the lower and upper louvres act independently of one another so whilst you may decide to have all the lower louvres closed, you can have all the upper louvres open! This really does help to have complete control on light levels in the room. Particularly useful if wanting to avoid a glare on the television in a living room space! For a more classic design, our clients also chose to have a central tilt rod, which adds a little more traditional character and is another feature which works well.

The Shutters are from our Antigua MDF range. Antigua shutters are our entry-level mdf shutter option. This is our most popular shutter range, and for a very good reason, not only are they affordable and well priced, but also incredibly robust and long lasting.

The finished installed shutters look fantastic, and match perfectly with the neutral and modern design of the living space.

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