Plantation Shutters for a Richmond Family Home Posted on 1 Oct 15:04 , 0 comments

We recently installed plantation shutters for a family in their Richmond Period Property. The couple came to us looking for suitable window dressings for their living room and their two children's bedrooms.

Living Room: Cafe style Shutters

 cafe style window shutters in Richmond home

With a stunning large Bay in their family living room, they had lots of shutter options to consider but wanted to ensure that the window remained the crowning feature of the room. An essential criteria for them was maintaining maximum light but also the privacy required living in a residential area of Richmond.

detail of shutters installed in Richmond family home

Cafe Style Shutters were chosen as the best option for this room, it means that privacy is provided by covering the lower window panels but by covering just the lower part of the window maximum light could still come in from the windows above.

Children's Bedroom: Shutters and Blackout Blinds

children bedroom with full height shutters

For the children’s bedrooms, where one of the primary areas of importance was providing darkness for much needed sleep all round, they chose full height shutters but also selected our integrated black out blinds This is one of most popular shutter styles for children’s bedrooms. This solution ensures maximum black out and minimal noise to the room at any time of the day.

Choice of Shutter material

window shutter details of installation in Richmond

The Shutters for all the rooms were selected from our Cuba range. Cuba shutters are our entry-level hardwood shutter option that is made up of a robust MDF frame and real hardwood shutter: a cost-efficient entry-level hardwood shutter option.

final result of installation of shutters in Richmond home

The finished installed shutters look great! They are a perfect contemporary look for a family home which requires practical and functional window dressings.