Sustainability and Plantation Shutters Posted on 29 Apr 16:29 , 0 comments

Sustainability is a topic currently creating a lot of headlines globally and justifiably so, we should all be making a conscious effort to make a stand and play a part in making a change. At The Shutter Shop we are committed to making sure that we only supply products from sustainable fast growing supplies and that we know exactly where our timber has come from.

Our wooden interior shutters are sourced by our factory in China from managed forests throughout the world. Notably, the factory has a joint venture with the Solomon Island Government, sourcing premium White Teak timber via sustainable forest management, which in turn supports the local economy through job creation. The plantation nurtures several protected species of hardwoods. Our other hardwood products come from protected plantations in, Cameroon, China, Ghana and America.

white teak sustainable forest

While white teak is a superb species of timber for manufacturing shutters, compared to other wood types it does take a longer time to grow; up to 25 years. Therefore our factory have recently made the decision to ensure that they remain sustainable and to reduce their use of white teak, that they will no longer be able to supply ‘Sumatra’ our, purely white teak product, from the end of April 2019. In replacement of this, a new product has now been launched ‘Samoa’, this uses Ayous Hardwood from Cameroon and Ghana for a painted finish, with White Teak now just being used for the stained finish.

shutter louvres in sustainable wood

The quality of our plantation shutters and the timber used to produce them also means that they are a product that will stand the test of time, a considered purchase that will not require constant replacement, a considered and sustainable purchase for your home!

Our Hardwood Shutter products include Cuba and Fiji.