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Bermuda shutters are very similar to our Antigua MDF/Craftwood Range with the primary difference being the louvre (or slat) being made from a hollow ABS plastic. This reduces the weight of the panels and, as the structure of the ABS louvre is very rigid, it allows for wider panels to be manufactured.

The plastic louvre also provides an increased water resistance compared to an MDF shutter – however we don’t recommend it in an area where the shutters are going to be getting wet – for this try our Java range.

While the term plastic might put you off, fear not, from a distance this is un-noticeable and you will still get the same high quality finish you get from all our shutters. Bermuda also comes in more colour options than our MDF range so if you need more choice this is the perfect place to start.

Our Bermuda shutters are made from medium density fibreboard - engineered timber (MDF) with ABS louvres. Coated in a high quality UV resistant paint for a premium look. Hidden tilt rods are available for louvre sizes 64mm and up.

Our Bermuda plantation shutters come in a range of shutter styles including our most popular styles of full height, tier-on-tier, café style, and tracked shutters. Available in 12 standard paint, custom colour finishes (no stains) and 10 hinge colours.

plantation shutters give a stylish touch to any home

With a large number of styles, colours and options to choose from, our Bermuda shutters offer excellent value for money. Our Bermuda range is the perfect choice for durable and hard wearing shutters.

Choose from 5 louvre sizes (47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm). If you're buying shutters online 47mm and 114mm are not available.

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You can choose the style you prefer and design your shutters online, by clicking on one of the three options hereunder. Full height shutters, tier-on-tier or cafe style shutters can be purchased online at discounted prices.


Colour sample chips available on request


The Bermuda range is available in all styles, including Full Height, Tier-on-tier and Cafe Style. These styles are available both for online order and for measure and fit. Bermuda shutters are also available in a tracking system, but this type of shutters cannot be designed and ordered online due to their complexity. Bay windows shutters or shutters for shaped windows cannot be designed online either. However, you can always ask for a free appointment and we will measure them for you and send you a no obligation quote!



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