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Get your tape measure ready and read our measuring guide – it shows you exactly how to measure your windows to get the dimensions you need for your new shutters.
Whilst louvres width is mainly down to the individual preference, remember that wider louvres will allow more light into the room when in the open position. In general larger louvres are seen to be more contemporary & smaller more traditional. It is vitally important that the backs of the louvres are free from obstructions, such as window handles, as this will hinder the operation of the louvres. Therefore the width you choose must be determined by how much space you will have behind the shutter frame – to accommodate wider louvres deeper frames are available.
A mid rail is a horizontal section of solid wood within the structure of your shutter panel. It can be both a structural requirement – to give strength to panels over a certain height – and a design feature perhaps to cover window handles & latches. Tick the box to add a mid-rail and specify the position in the following field
Choose where you want the mid rail by adding the distance in mm from the bottom
This depends on how you plan to use the shutters. The number of panels should be determined by the type and style of the window in question, taking into consideration the position of the vertical glazing bars and whether the panels are required to fold back at 90 or 180 degrees.
This enables you to choose how the shutters will open and fold back. The panel configuration depends on the number of panels that you desire. Remember more panels = more stiles = less light.
You can select either a hidden, central or off set tilt-rod. All designs are easy to use - there’s no right or wrong choice, it’s all about which one you prefer. Please note the Hidden Rod option incurs a small surcharge as it is built inside the shutter style. By clicking on one of the options, the image will show you the position of the tilt-rod on the panels
Don’t know: If you are unsure which frame will work best for your windows & chosen shutters, we would be very happy to advise you. please contact us via email – sales@shuttershop.co.uk. To help us advise – please send a photo of the window in question.

Z frame: The Z Frame is designed to sit at the edge of a deep recessed window, with frame fixings through the side. The Z part of the frame wraps around the recess. The advantage is that if the recess is not square then the lip of the Z frame will any inconsistencies. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to use your sill unless the shutter panels are opened. When providing measurements for these, please provide us with the narrowest recess measurements – tolerances taken.

Camber Deco frame: If you choose to install outside recess, you may require a more decorative frame – the Camber deco frame looks a bit like an architrave and is also face fixing. When providing the measurements for camber deco please add 135mm to the reveal width to provide the overall dimension of the shutter and the frame.

Insert L Front Fix Frame: This is our most popular frame for face fixing and is often used on sash windows or recessed windows. The frame width is 22mm at the front and 38mm at the back. This frame can be fitted both inside or outside a recess. When providing measurements please provide the overall dimension you would like the shutter and the frames made to. We will calculate the panel widths and hinge spacing to fit within this. 3 or 4 sided Frame: We can request to manufacture a shutter without one frame. So if you would like a full height shutter with frames on the Left, Right and Top only please select 3 sided frame.

Please note – café style shutters come with a 3 sided frame as standard – Left, Right and Bottom.

Configure your Café Style Solid Raised Shutter

Simply tell us what size of shutters you want, the number of panels, and the colour. You can also choose the finishing touches or, if you prefer, we can decide on those together. Either way, we'll call you to confirm all the details of your order so there's absolutely no risk.

Image / colours shown are for visual reference only and not an exact representation.
Click to close/open.


Need help placing your order? If you have any questions please contact our friendly team, or you can request an appointment. We can show you the various options available and provide an accurate quotation.


With The Shutter Shop’s professionally measured and installed shutter service we can guarantee that they will fit perfectly to your windows.

We are able to offer you a free measurement service for your plantation shutters, where by our expert surveyors will be able to guide you through our range, in order for you to determine the best product for your windows.



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