Do Shutters Provide Blackout? Posted on 30 Jan 10:12 , 0 comments

How to blackout windows, is a question we are often asked at The Shutter Shop. The answer would have to be a classic "it depends", as no window treatment will provide you with 100% blackout, total darkness. This is due to the very clever nature of light, windows, cracks and crevices!

half open shutters with darkening blind half lowered

You will find this is the case with curtains and blinds too! However, if you are concerned about blackout, particularly if you have sensitive sleepers in your household, children, or work shift hours requiring you to sleep during the day, we can provide you with an additional option to your shutters that will provide you as close to black out that you will find in the window dressing market.

blackout shutters with darkening blinds

Our shutters can come with room darkening blinds, these blinds which like the shutters are made to measure, sit in a channel directly behind the shutters, which means that light bleed is almost entirely eliminated, creating a dark room no matter what time of day that it is. It also means that if you live in a town or city with street lighting directly outside of your windows you will not be disturbed.

Another advantage of these clever room darkening blinds is that, due to the nature of their design, they significantly help to maintain heat escaping through the windows and also reduce noise – another important factor in city life.

bedroom with green wall open shutters and blackout blinds

If you are wanting only to have the ‘look’ of shutters but still wanting the blackout, you can be reassured that the blind can neatly be rolled up when not in use, so that it is out of site behind the shutters. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether Shutters provide black out? Is no, not alone, but you can still have shutters and achieve darkness with built in room darkening blinds behind your shutters!