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If you have your heart set on plantation shutters for your home but have concerns about the cost, then fear not, we have solutions for you that may mean it’s a much more affordable and possible window dressing option for you than you may think.

room with windows and solid shutters

The first step in budgeting for plantation shutters is determining how much you can afford to spend, and whether you can do all the windows you want in one go, or over a period of time. It is worth noting that the cost of your plantation shutters will be based on the measurement of your windows.

Firstly, Why are shutters so expensive and are they worth it?

Yes! They certainly are. But of course we are going to say that, so here are some of the reasons why:

  • They are long lasting high quality – shutters will stand the test of time and therefore you wont be needing to replace them anytime soon. Settling for a cheaper alternative may mean you end up spending more by having to replace again in the near future!
  • They add value to your home – provide that much desired kerb appeal
  • Window Shutters provide insulation. They will help with reducing heat loss – window coverings reduce heat lost through window panes so reduce bills!
  • Shutters are timeless & neutral design
  • Offer Privacy & Extra Security
bedroom with half open tier on tier shutters

How can you reduce costs and make your shutter dream a reality?

Consider our DIY Shutters

A fantastic way to reduce your costs, is to take away the installation fee in the overall cost by doing it yourself! Our DIY self install shutters option offer you the same high quality, durable, stylish and long lasting product as our products supplied to measure & fit customers. For standard windows, doing it yourself is straight forward and a lot easier than you might think. You can design your shutters online and have an instant quote of the cost of your shutters. We can also hold you hand through the process with a video survey and have online guides for measuring and fitting your own shutters. We want to make sure you get your measurements right, so won’t process your order until we feel you are happy with everything. DIY shutters are an increasingly popular option and can be a perfect solution for you to keep the cost down. Use our online shutter cost calculator to compare prices of our different shutter ranges. Aside from costs, you may of course just enjoy DIY and like the idea of taking on the task yourself

child looking out a window through window shutters

Consider our MDF Shutter Ranges

If you are looking to reduce the overall spend we would also recommend considering the material of your shutters. Our MDF Shutter Range – Antigua, is our entry-level shutter product with a more affordable price tag than its hardwood counterparts. It is not only our most popular Plantation Shutter range but the worlds best selling Shutter material. Our antigua shutters, have an engineered hardwood core with an MDF outer wrapped in polypropylene. This makes the shutters incredibly hardwearing, and provides a high quality finish. In addition to this, to the untrained eye you wouldn’t see the difference between MDF and hardwood shutters.

detail of a room window with cafe style shutters

Split the cost

It is worth noting that we do not expect 100% payment of your shutters up front. Upon confirming and placing your order a 50% deposit payment will need to be paid. However, the final balance payment will not be required until the shutters are ready to be delivered to you (if you are a DIY customer, or ready to be installed if you are a measure & fit customer).


house in red brick with two bay windows with window shutters

So, whether you are going down the DIY or Full Measure & Fit service route you will find the cost of plantation shutters can be very reasonable. Discover more about our affordable options for DIY Shutters or Entry Level MDF shutters. We hope that we have reassured you that even If you think you can't afford shutters, then this is hopefully not the case and we have solutions for you!