Why shutters can add value to your home Posted on 20 Jan 12:47 , 0 comments

Choosing the right window dressing for your home can be a difficult decision, there are many different options out there to consider in the market and many factors you need to think about, especially as it is a purchase you will not be wanting to make again soon. Window Shutters provide a fantastic investment to any homeowner and most certainly add value to your home.

1. Window shutters are a unique window covering

modern bathroom with dark walls and window with custom shape shutters

Plantation shutters offer a timeless, neutral, stylish, and most importantly long lasting window covering. Since they are entirely bespoke to your window shape, they really are unique to your property. Due to their bespoke design and built in nature, in the event you are looking to sell your home they are an appealing addition for a future buyer. They offer the much sought after curb appeal.

2. Window Shutters provide additional insulation

white cafe style shutters - detail of a window with shutters and flower curtain

An additional benefit of window shutters is that they offer additional insulation, keeping the heat in and the cold out. By keeping the heat in they help to save money on keeping your home warm. In the summer months, they will also help to keep your home cool by keeping the heat of the sun out. Shutters can also provide extra noise insulation.

3. Shutters give extra privacy

townhouse facing a road with shutters on all windows for increased privacy

Window shutters also give extra privacy, particularly in properties which are overlooked, or if you have people walking directly past your windows on street facing properties, they will help to keep prying eyes out.

4. Shutters offer extra security

white aluminium shutters in a lounge

Plantation shutters also act as an extra deterrent to anyone who may be looking to break in. For those particularly concerned about security, there is also the option of adding Aluminium Shutters, which provides the highest level of protection to your home. However, even the classy wooden shutters or the very affordable MDF shutters provide an extra barrier on your windows, making your home more secure. A higher degree of security will surely add value to your home!

5. Window shutters are high quality products

bedroom with quality bay window shutters

Our plantation shutters are manufactured using only the highest quality sustainable materials. For this reason, our shutters will stand the test of time, making them not only a cost effective purchase but an environmentally friendly one too. Choosing cheaper materials will have a only a short term benefit, while good quality shutters will increase the value of your home. If you want to have an idea of the cost of window shutters, you can use our online calculator. You can simply add the measure of your windows, and the calculator will give you an instant ballpark cost.

We believe there are many practical benefits of having window shutters fitted to your windows and adding value to your home is certainly an additional benefit!