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Summer is finally here and days are getting warmer and longer and we are asked more often if we can supply blackout blinds for bedrooms! If your bedroom is easily filling with light, a good night sleep might not be that easy. And if you’ve got little ones their bed time routine may have just become more challenging. It's not easy to manage tired toddlers and a room flooding with light at the end of the day. At The Shutter Shop, we have the perfect solution that could help you all get a better night's sleep: blackout blinds!

Plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds

bedroom with plantation shutters on the window and lights coming through from the upper part

One of our most popular shutter styles for children’s rooms is the integrated combination of honeycomb darkening blinds and plantation shutters. This solution ensures maximum black out and minimal noise to the room at any time of the day.

Even with such a wide variety on the marketplace, many so-called blackout blinds still allow small levels of light into any bedroom, and therefore they are not totally blackout blinds at all! Our solution allows to virtually eliminate any light bleeds from the sides. This is what we call real blackout!

Light and sleep patterns

For young children, who need to nap in the day, as well as night or shift workers who need to rest at various times, having even a fraction of light can be a real issue.

And don’t just take our word for it, some of most renowned sleep specialists rate a darkened room as one of the most crucial factors in ensuring children and adults get the best night’s sleep.

Have you ever wondered why you sleep better in a dark room? The answer is in the way our body works. When there is a lower amount of light, the brain starts producing Melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the natural sleep and wake cycle. During the summer months, melatonin secretion is naturally less, therefore it becomes much more important to make sure that the room we sleep in is dark enough. Not only our sleep will benefit, but also our whole general well being.

The innovative design of our blackout blinds

detail of blackout blinds mounted in a shutter frame

Our manufacturers have developed an integrated combination of stylish plantation shutters and PURE Cell Honeycomb Blackout Blinds. Unlike traditional roller blinds, blackout roller blinds or curtains, our room darkening blind sits snugly in its own channel behind the shutters. This manufacturing solution helps stopping almost all light from seeping in. The shutter’s frame overlaps the blind, allowing a darker room and a better night's sleep.

Integrated shutter and darkening blinds can also reduce the amount of noise that filters into a room. Also,  it restricts visibility of the room to anyone on the outside where privacy is required.

The pocketed, honeycomb design of our darkening blinds makes them perfect for trapping air and help add thermal insulation. This feature is in addition to the foil lining which blocks out the sun or streetlights.

For a better night's sleep, this is really a great product for your windows. The delivery time is the same as our shutter orders, between 6 and 8 weeks.

For more information about our integrated shutter and darkening blinds, contact us or send a survey request so we can visit your home and measure your windows.

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FAQ on bedroom blackout blinds

Which blinds are best for bedrooms?

The best bedroom blind is the blackout honeycomb variety, which makes the bedroom darker than any other type of blind

What are the best blackout blinds to get?

A dual cell blind is the one the provides the best blackout. A combination of two window dressings ensures a darker bedroom. For instance, shutters and curtains, or our integrated blackout shutters

Are blackout blinds worth it?

Blackout blinds help making a bedroom darker. A darker bedroom surely help getting a better night sleep

Which is better blackout curtains or blinds?

If the window is too large for a single roller blind, it would be better to use a dark curtain, that can go across the entire window. Two roller blinds will leave a gap where the lights can get through. Probably, in many situations the best darkening solution is a combination of shutters and honeycomb blinds