Benefits of Solid Panel Shutters Posted on 18 May 15:49 , 0 comments

Solid Panel Shutters, which are single panels operating either by being fully open or fully closed, offer a host of benefits. Whether you’ve got a period property that you want to have window dressings in keeping with, are looking to replace original period solid shutter panels in your property, or you are after a more traditional style in your home, solid shutters are a fantastic option which will not only look great but will have many benefits too.

four images showing different solid shutters to explain the benefits of solid shutters

The key Benefits of Solid Panel Shutters:

  • Ideal for period properties
    Traditional, classic and timeless they are a great consideration and have the same quality finish as all of our shutter ranges.
  • Premium sustainable hardwood panels
    Our Solid Shutter Panels are made from a stable and quick growing timber, and provide a classic and simple look. Depending on what you are after, they are also available in 30 paint colours and 18 wood stains. Like our other shutter ranges there is also the custom colour option available to you too.
  • Maximum Room Darkening
    The Simple design of a solid shutter panel means that you get maximum coverage on your window with very few areas for light to bleed through.
  • Adds insulation
    With the ever rising energy bills, insulation is more important than ever and It’s not uncommon for period properties to have single-glazed windows or just be a little draftier. Solid shutter panels, with their thick hardwood offer complete window coverage and therefore insulation. Even if you are just looking to do a half height style, you will get fantastic insulation on the bottom window panes.
  • Offer complete privacy
    image shows how half closed solid shutters offer the benefit of increased privacy, when the bottom part is kept closed
    Although they are less flexible than their louvred counterpart, solid panel shutters do provide complete privacy when you are wanting it, whether that be leaving your property to go on holiday, or simply wanting to close away the outside world and create a cosy home.
  • Available in nearly all window shapes and sizes
    Like our louvred shutter panels, we can create solid shutter panels for nearly all window shapes and sizes.
  • Available in all shutter styles
    Solid Shutter Panels are available in full height, tier on tier and café style. They work well on bay windows too, and are a great consideration for room dividers or cupboard doors too!
white solid shutters