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Shutters or Blinds? With so many window dressing options available, it can be very difficult to determine & decide which may be best solution for your home. As a significant investment, and an interior feature you are unlikely to regularly want to replace, it is a decision that you want to get right and one you won’t make lightly! The choice between Shutters or Blinds usually comes down to budget, décor style, shape of window and window requirements.

shutter and blinds

We have a broad range of products for you to consider and our expert team are well placed to be able to advise you on the best options for your windows. As well as interior window shutters, we offer many different styles of Blinds including: Honeycomb blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman and Roller blinds. We actually also work with a lot of clients who like to have a combination of shutters & blinds.

Interior Shutters, widely called Plantation Shutters, are a perfect way to update, add value and improve your home from both outside and within and provide the much aspired to kerb appeal in abundance (though we may be biased on this one!). Shutters are certainly an investment and a considered purchase, but being timeless in their design & look, it means that they will last the distance, and hopefully due to their neutral aesthetic, will be an appealing asset when you are looking to sell on your home in the future. In terms of longevity, of course it depends on your home & how much use they have had, but shutters have the edge over blinds because they are sturdy and hardwearing, whether they are made from hardwood, MDF or LDF.

 staircase window with closed shutters

Some questions to think about - Which room is the window in? What type of window is it? How much use will the window dressing get? What Style am I trying to achieve? What budget do I want to work to? How long do I envisage the window dressing lasting?

If you have an unusual or beautifully shaped window, shutters could be a better option for you as they frame rather than hide the window. However if you have a standard shaped window this may not be so important to you and blinds do offer a softer look than shutters. In general (although this may depend on your blind fabric choice!), interior shutters will be more expensive than blinds because of the material they are constructed from and because bespoke will be more expensive than an off the shelf product.

dining room with unusual shaped ceiling with window and shutters

Particularly in city and town properties, privacy is one of the key factors with determining a window dressing therefore, if you have a street facing window, shutters could be a good option as they can provide permanent privacy, whilst also allowing light in due to adjustable louvres, however if you are not overlooked, and the windows are not at street level for example, then blinds could be a suitable window covering for you; there is also the advantage that you can have full light when the blinds are up.

The fabrics of some blinds can become damaged from UV rays or too much moisture, so if a window is a in a particularly wet room, you may wish to consider a PVC blind or Waterproof Shutter.

waterproof shutters in a bay window kitchen

At the end of the day the decision, blinds or shutters, comes down to personal choice and of course there is no right or wrong decision. One thing to keep in mind is that you can also have a mix of the two within your property and this is something some of our clients regularly do! The most important thing is a high quality product that is expertly installed, this is something we can guarantee at The Shutter Shop.

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Frequently asked questions on shutters or blinds

Are blinds better than shutters?

Shutters give more control on the light entering the room, and more flexibility.

Are shutters more expensive than blinds?

Shutters cost more than blinds, and wooden shutters are more expensive than MDF shutters. However, shutters are a more durable product, and with the right care, they can last almost for ever.

How much do window shutter costs?

Shutter prices start from about £159 per square meter. You just need to measure your window and use our online calculator to have an approximate cost.

Do shutters block out the light?

Shutters can block the light better than blinds, because the are mounted on a frame which will be fitted into your window frame. However, shutters cannot completely block out the light. For a better darkening solution, you can chose a combination of shutters with integrated blackout blinds.