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At The Shutter Shop we offer a wide range of shutter & blind products to cater for not only different style & shape of window, the functionality requirement, the interior aesthetic, but also for every budget too.

We have a great collection of high-quality plantation shutters, which can be produced in hardwoods, ABS plastic, MDF or aluminium and we also have an extensive blind range, covering venetian blinds, roman blinds, roller blinds and honeycomb or cellular blinds.


image of a small room with tier on tier shutters on the window

Our plantation shutters are available with hidden or traditional tilt rods, in a variety of louvre sizes and in a wide range of paint & wood stain finishes and if you have a particular interiors scheme you are looking to match we can offer a custom colour matching service too.

If cost is at the forefront of your mind, we have options for you to consider that won’t mean that you need to compromise on quality or suitability for your windows. Our entry level shutter range is Antigua, this is manufactured using high quality MDF, and is for this reason our most popular shutter range.

detail of a window with cafe style window shutters and open curtain

Antigua MDF shutters are extremely durable, versatile, hard wearing and stylish and are suitable for most windows.

Another highly cost effective but versatile window solution are honeycomb blinds, Corded, Cordless, Cordloop, Smart fit, vertical & Decoflex.

bedroom with two windows with honeycomb blinds filtering the light

Made to measure cellular blinds offer a cost effective, energy efficient & practical window dressing solution for many types of windows and doors.

detail of the structure of a cellular blinds

Designed with a unique honeycomb shaped cellular structure they are extremely strong and durable, for this reason they are very popular. They are also suited to many different interior environment due to the extensive colour range on offer.

If you are looking for a premium, authentic wooden shutter product, and perhaps you have shaped windows or are looking for a bespoke colour match then our Fiji shutter range could be a perfect option for you. Fiji are crafted from the highest quality & sustainably sourced hardwoods. They are excellent at keeping homes cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. The material is lightweight, and they are well suited for large or more complicated shaped windows.

If you are unable to make the choice between shutters or blinds for your windows, then perhaps you could consider combining the two? In particular, customers or are looking for ultimate black out, we recommend plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds.

bedroom with blackout blinds on the window

The combination of the two ensures maximum black out and minimal noise for any room at any time of the day; making it ideal for bedrooms, in particular nurseries, as it offers the versatility to manage light control during the day as well as the night. We also install shutters behind roman blinds and also curtains, for those looking for the best of both! They really can work incredibly well together.

For further inspiration, you can take a look at our shutter gallery, and if you want a personalised service, you can request a free survey at your home.