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If you have problems finding your order or if you don't understand exactly what the status of your order is, please check the frequently asked question below or contact us for more information.

Why is my order not showing?

There might be various reasons for this:

  • Incorrect Order Number or Surname entered or misspelt (this could be our end too).
  • Order has already arrived in the UK.
  • Orders processed manually will not show up including some blind orders and replacement parts or alterations.

If there is a landing date why have I not be informed of installation?

We usually arrange installation 3 weeks before the arrival date – but please note that the arrival dates are estimates and subject to change due to shipping delays; weather, delays at ports, transshipping (transferring cargo from one vessel to another) and customs. Not all information can be shown on the status report and we factor in contingency times for these possible delays when arranging an installation date.

For DIY orders, we usually arrange deliveries 1 week before the arrival date to the UK – please note potential delays as per above.

Will my installation be on the date displayed?

No. The date shown is anticipated W/c to the UK not delivery to us or you – we usually take delivery within 5 days of landing in the UK and endeavour to arrange installations as soon as possible after that date.

What does On Hold mean?

Don’t worry – ‘on hold’ or ‘query’ is a very normal status – any bay, shaped or complex window will have a period of time when it is on hold. This is a period of time when we are liaising with the factory to check CAD drawings and answer queries they have either before or during production. Even the simplest of windows may have a period of time on hold – we like to be thorough and so there are checks at every step of production.

What does Shipped mean?

Shipped means that the shutters have left the factory but we have not yet been informed of a delivery date. We usually receive an estimated arrival date within 10 days of this status.

What does In Production Mean?

Quite simply the shutters are being made. Shutters can be in production for anything from 48 hours to 3 weeks after the order is placed depending on the complexity of the order. Custom colours and shapes take longer than regular windows.



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